How to remove SD Card write protected error

From time to time, things are advancing so much so that most of us actually start using the most advanced things. You might be knowing that for our mobile devices, the external storage we have is, of course, the SD cards which almost everybody among us have.

Now the thing is that most of us actually have some personal data which we never wish to lose and if you too want to do that, for sure would you want to save it in your laptops or PCs. It is true as laptops and PCs actually have a lot of storage and saving things and our personal files in them is one of the best things which we would want for ourselves.

But the thing and the worst issue with the SD Card write protected these days is that they come with write protection which doesn’t allow the user to save or transfer data to and from the SD card. This is a very common issue with many of the users and if you too face the same issue, let us tell you how to remove SD Card write protection error

But first, let us tell you that it is not an SD Card problem. So, if you too are facing issues like these, all you will need to do is to edit some settings from Windows. Let us tell you what to do.

Remove SD card write protection in Registry using Regedit:

Well, this here is a simple solution for you to follow. You can easily find Regedit in your PCs and laptops. So, let us tell you how to remove SD Card write protection error.

  1. Go to the start menu of your PC or laptop and search for REGEDIT and open the Registry Editor.
  2. Now, navigate to the following key which has been provided as follows:


  1. On the right hand side of the Regedit in your Windows, you will be able to find a Write Protection option and you will have to click on it and change its value from 0 to 10 and close the Regedit.
  2. Now it is done. All you will need to do now is to restart your PC from the start menu and after the PC is booted back after reboot, insert the specific SD Card back into your PC and of course, there will be no ‘Write Protection’ on the SD Card.

So this was the full procedure of how to remove SD Card write protection error

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